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At Welding & Fabrication Services, I manufacture varieties of metal tools that you can use for your gardens works, workshops, domestic purposes etc. No matter what you require, when you have something made by me you’ll be receiving a high-quality piece created to your exact specifications. I am conveniently located in London and serve the surrounding area. You can contact me on +447539564513 with any enquiries you might have as to my process, prices, or order specifications.

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Welding is useful in a number of different ways. I can complement your gates with wall top railings that look beautiful and create a visually pleasing boundary to your establishment. Or, it could be privacy gates for your home to provide that extra level of security and privacy when opening any door. I offer welding and manufacturing railings, gates,staircases, balconies, security devices, barbeque grills, windows balustrade, site welding and repairs, handrails, all aspect of metal works undertaken.

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My state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment ensures that everything I create is crafted to the same exacting specifications and quality. From day one, I have always invested in producing the best possible products for all of my clients while still maintaining competitive pricing. Additionally, my manufacturing process is very effective and efficient, while minimal waste generation ensures I can maximise my production.


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